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Return to Wellness assists and educates clients as we work to regain their range of motion, reduce/eliminate pain, and regain their ability to fully function.


Initial Appointment

Is this your first appointment with Return To Wellness LLC? Please be sure to add this to whichever service(s) you select to ensure there will be enough time to go over your intake, ask any follow-up questions, go over any questions you may have, and discuss anything which may have come up during the session. (30 minutes of additional time)

Our Services

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Orthopedic and Medical Massage

Therapeutic Massage sessions that focus on effective massage techniques for orthopedic and medical needs.

Myofascial Release Massage

Bodywork that releases along myofascial lines

Energy Sessions

Recenter your inner energy with a Chakra Healing and Alignment or Reiki appointment.

AromaTouch Technique Session

AromaTouch Technique, combines eight specific essential oils in pairs which are carefully applied in a specific way to benefit the nervous and immune systems, those who experience high anxiety, and more.

Prenatal Massage

Nurturing the Expectant Parent Pre-Natal Massage is specifically suited to expectant moms.

Oncology Massage

This session is for those who have received or are undergoing cancer treatment, or have non-cancerous tumors, but do NOT require Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD).

Let’s talk about your wellness needs.