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I’ve been a Reiki Master of the Usui lineage since 2005. My training was entirely in-person with a Raleigh-based Master. Reiki and chakra work is both an important part of my practice and an integral part of my personal healing process.

Our chakras are the energy centers in the body, and aligning them promotes balanced energy flow, which supports and improves our physical and emotional

Many people come in for reiki and chakra healing to reduce stress and anxiety, as it often helps release blocked or stagnant energy that contributes to these and other issues. It supports emotional healing and self-awareness by helping to address past traumas, process negative emotions, and promote emotional well-being. Clients typically experience reduced pain as they acknowledge and process through energetic, physical, and emotional blocks.


Reiki is channeling Universal energy (Chi, Qi, Prana) for healing. In my practice, it is often sought by those who are ready to get vulnerable with themselves. Whether you are seeking an energy recharge, some guidance with chakra care, or other reiki-related support, be ready to get real with your energy.

Chakra Healing and Alignment

Chakra work supports building our mind-body connection and a deeper connection to one’s inner self. Healing and aligning chakra energy increases overall vitality and life force energy, which leads to a greater sense of well-being. Some people seek
chakra healing to reconnect with their creativity, intuition, and mental clarity.

What can I expect during a session?
The session begins with the client intake and going over the corporeal chakras. We discuss any specific concerns or goals you have for the session and I will ask follow up questions to ensure we are on the same page. You’ll be asked to get undressed
and lie down on the table under the sheet and weighted blanket. I’ll start each session calling in your guides and ancestors and determining with a pendulum which oils to use for the specific chakras we are attending to that day. If you have a meditation or guided imagery practice, this is a good time to begin. If you would like me to play one for you, please let me know, as meditation or guided imagery often help you become more receptive to the work.

I typically suggest ways to nurture and support the energy centers and offer guidance on self-care.


I offer two options for Chakra Healing and Alignment sessions.

For Those Well Into Their Healing Journey

This session is about acknowledging energetic wounds so they can be healed [with the guidance of a mental health professional], and beginning to nourish your energy centers and, by extension, yourself. This session is often a mirror of what’s going on within you emotionally. As such, this session is for those who have been working with a therapist for a while, are actively processing their traumas, engaging in Shadow Work, etc.. (2.5-3 hrs. $235)

Healing and Alignment for Beginners
Maybe you’ve started to recognize inner blocks keeping you from moving forward, or your yoga teacher has you thinking about the connection between the chakras and your body; regardless of the reason, you are ready to do ‘something’ to get out of the inertia you’re feeling. Where the original Healing &  Alignment session is geared to those who have been actively working through their issues or traumas for a while, this is a package of sessions allowing us to gradually go through your chakras over the course of four (4) appointments (1x 90 minutes, 3x 60 minutes), allowing you time to process and ask questions as we go. This approach also helps to reduce the overwhelming feelings often experienced by clients at the end of the original session when they are just beginning their self-discovery journey.

Why would hearing what my body/energy has to communicate be so overwhelming?

As extensively discussed in The Body Keeps the Score, those of us who have experienced trauma are often holding onto unresolved and uncommunicated feelings at the subconscious level. These emotions get stored in our bodies and over time often manifest into chronic pain and other physiological issues. This session brings a lot of these stored emotions up to be acknowledged, which is required for truly foundational healing to occur. As anyone who is familiar with Brene Brown’s work knows, “Clear is kind, unclear is unkind.”. Clearly understanding the unprocessed toxic emotions trapped in your body so they can finally be processed and healed is one of the kindest things you can do for yourself. As you can probably imagine, if you are just starting to process these issues, hearing from all seven corporeal chakras at once can leave you feeling deluged.

Additionally, these sessions can trigger somatic releases such as muscle twitching, crying, tingling, tightening of the throat, etc. This can leave you feeling weird, silly, embarrassed, or even ashamed; especially if it wasn’t safe to show emotion in your foundational or significant relationships. As I’m sure you understand by now, chakra work breaks a lot of family-of-origin rules, which can add another layer of discomfort to the process. Building trust and comfort over several sessions helps to alleviate these ingrained anxieties.

If you do not have a therapist or are looking for one who is trauma-focused, I highly recommend those who incorporate somatic work, DBT, EMDR, or similar techniques.  I have a curated list of such providers on my Referrals & Resources page.   While most of the providers offer virtual sessions, some also offer in-person appointments.

I HIGHLY recommend that you have a mental health professional to talk with, support, and guide you as you navigate healing the wounds brought up during these sessions. (4.5hrs. $415. 50% deposit due to secure booking, balance due at the initial appointment.)

Let’s talk about your wellness needs.