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Reiki is channeling Universal energy (Chi, Qi, Prana) for healing. In my practice, it is often sought by those who are ready to get vulnerable with themselves. Whether you are seeking an energy recharge, some guidance with chakra care, or other reiki-related support, be ready to get real with your energy.

Chakra Healing and Alignment

I’ve renamed this session because it is often more about acknowledging energetic wounds so they can be healed (with the guidance of a mental health professional), and beginning to nourish your energy centers and, by extension, yourself. This session is often a mirror of what’s going on emotionally, so be ready to be vulnerable with yourself. I highly recommend that you have a mental health professional to talk with and support and guide you as you navigate healing the wounds brought up during the session. If you don’t have someone, please request my referral list.


Let’s talk about your wellness needs.